AMPLIFY is a ‘must-attend’ startup competition for entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, and designers that explores up and coming trends in innovation, technology, and most importantly, showcases the best and brightest female tech entrepreneurs from the region.

During this competition, female entrepreneurs will pitch their early-stage technology startup onstage to a panel of seasoned technorati and investors to be judged based on the innovativeness and viability of the product or service. Winners will receive a cash prize along with additional resources such as office space or equipment to move their startup forward.

The event also features inspiring keynote speeches by well-known industry leaders, diplomats and some of the most successful female startup founders and high-tech executives.

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AMPLIFY is a half-day or one-day event depending on the number of finalists presenting live. The main focus of the event is the product pitches, but it’s highly desirable to include 2 to 3 keynotes to break up the pitches and provide some inspirational words and anecdotes to the finalists and the audience. The event should allow 10 minutes for each presentation and 5 minutes for the judges’ critique and Q&A. Once all the finalists have presented, the judges select the winner and present the winner with her prizes (hopefully seed funding!). Finally, an evening of networking rounds out the event.

  • One half-day or full day (5 or 10 finalists)
  • 2 to 3 keynotes
  • 300-400 attendees
  • Suitable attendees include: entrepreneurs, startup employees, journalists, VCs, angels, high-tech employees (including, but not limited to, designers, developers, product marketers, product managers, marketers, sales reps, business development)
  • Cocktail networking event & celebration

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