Girls in Tech Paris Women. Technology. Entrepreneurship. Sun, 14 Apr 2019 21:14:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Girls in Tech Paris 32 32 Girls in Tech Paris is recruiting a Treasurer ! Sun, 14 Apr 2019 21:13:46 +0000 Girls in Tech Paris is driven by an amazing team of rock star volunteers. It’s guided at the helm by the Managing Directors,Jamie Soon & Claire Behar who work with the Founder & CEO of Girls in Tech in San Francisco, Adriana Gascoigne.

Girls in Tech is a global women-in-tech not-for-profit that develops a range of proprietary, startup-focused initiatives for women in tech and entrepreneurship. We also partner with some incredible organizations to drive the content, too.

We’re looking for an awesome Treasurer (female/male) for our leadership team who is smart, resourceful, reliable, nice & has lots of grit !

Previous position as a Treasurer or an accountant is required.


  • General financial oversight
  • Funding & fundraising
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Financial reporting
  • Organization of at least two events per year

What will you get in return?

  •      Gain the experience of how a business is essentially run and grown;
  •      Welcomed into a global network of Girls in Tech (with 60+ chapters worldwide); and
  •      Become deeply connected with the Paris entrepreneurship/startup scene.

But the biggest win of all? Helping to continue the Girls in Tech movement in Paris. This is something that all women-in-tech can thank you for.

To apply email with the subject line ‘Treasurer Application’.

Tell her briefly in your own words:

  1.     Why you’re interested? What drives you? What’s your passion?
  2.     What can you offer? (i.e. skills, knowledge, experience in non-profits/charities, availability…)
  3.   What do you hope to gain from this?

Deadline for applications: June, 1st

Successful applicants will be contacted for further evaluation and interviews.

Best of luck,

Girls in Tech Paris


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Girls in Tech Paris is recruiting a Marketing Director ! Sun, 14 Apr 2019 21:10:50 +0000 Girls in Tech Paris is driven by an amazing team of rock star volunteers. It’s guided at the helm by the Managing Directors,Jamie Soon & Claire Behar who work with the Founder & CEO of Girls in Tech in San Francisco, Adriana Gascoigne.

Girls in Tech is a global women-in-tech not-for-profit that develops a range of proprietary, startup-focused initiatives for women in tech and entrepreneurship. We also partner with some incredible organizations to drive the content, too.

We’re looking for an awesome Marketing Director (female/male) for our leadership team who is smart, resourceful, reliable, nice & has lots of grit !

Previous full time position in marketing is required.


  • Overseeing marketing department.
  • Evaluating and developing our marketing strategy and marketing plan.
  • Planning, directing, and coordinating marketing efforts.
  • Communicating the marketing plan.
  • Developing and managing advertising campaigns.
  • Building brand awareness and positioning.
  • Organization of at least one event per year

What will you get in return?

  •      Gain the experience of how a business is essentially run and grown;
  •      Welcomed into a global network of Girls in Tech (with 60+ chapters worldwide); and
  •      Become deeply connected with the Paris entrepreneurship/startup scene.

But the biggest win of all? Helping to continue the Girls in Tech movement in Paris. This is something that all women-in-tech can thank you for.

To apply email with the subject line ‘Marketing Director Application’.

Tell her briefly in your own words:

  1.     Why you’re interested? What drives you? What’s your passion?
  2.     What can you offer? (i.e. skills, knowledge, experience in non-profits/charities, availability…)
  3.   What do you hope to gain from this?

Deadline for applications: June, 1st

Successful applicants will be contacted for further evaluation and interviews.

Best of luck,

Girls in Tech Paris


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Big Data Paris conference 2019: A comparison of Big Data experience in companies and Startup AltaRoad Fri, 29 Mar 2019 22:59:13 +0000 Altaroad is the winner of the Girls in Tech Amplify Paris 2018 competition.  Altaroad is a big data startup which puts tiny nanosensors into roads with the aim to make tomorrow’s roads as intelligent as today’s cars.   It has been named by Challenges Magazine as one of the 100 startups to invest in 2019.   Girls in Tech Paris is happy to send Altaroad to attend the Big Data Paris conference to act as our eyes and ears on the new developements in the field.

The following article was written by: Maëlle Buisson, Data science lead, Altaroad

Most of the big companies aim to manage their Big Data projects with artificial intelligence as a “start-up company”. In the Big Data Paris convention, some of these big companies explain that making machine learning models represents 10% of their project activity, collecting and analyzing data is 20% and all the remaining work consists in integration and team acceptance of the new product.  I think it is interesting to notice that it is a bit different for our start-up company, Altaroad.  For us, the model still represents only 10% of the work – usually new graduates hope to mainly work on model optimization so they need to keep in mind that it is only 10% of the machine learning project for most companies – regardless of the company size. However, one of the advantages of working for a start-up company is that product integration and its team acceptance represent only 40% of our work. This is mainly due to the fact that we don’t have to deal with an existing architecture and our small teams are more flexible to change. This leaves 50% of our work in Altaroad to analyze and collect data. I see this as a clear benefit of working there, as this is where we can use our intelligence and have an added value.

In this domain we face two main challenges: the data volume and the data quality.  The amount of data is a double challenge for us.

Challenge 1:  during the passage of a vehicle, we collect a very large volume of data (over one million data points). We need to process this data in real time before sending it to our machine learning algorithm. In a mass spectrometry conference during the convention, it was interesting to notice that other companies face a similar challenge. One of their tricks to process a very high amount of data in Spark in real time was to convert their image in text.

Challenge 2: the more data we get as input for our machine learning algorithm, the more we need vehicle passages to train it. Getting enough data to train our algorithm is a real challenge. I discovered during the convention that some big companies use an army of employees in India in order to label their data. In a start-up company, this is not possible so we need to get creative in order to automate the data labeling. At Altaroad, we installed our solution in the field in parallel of an existing measurement system and we automatized the labeling using a license plate recognition system.

Finally, the quality of the collected data is critical for Altaroad. It was clear during the congress that the data quality is one of the most important challenges for companies starting Big Data projects. Most of the conferences were on this subject and how to automatize data cleaning. For our part, in order to have high quality data, our sensor signals need to be repeatable over time. It means that our algorithms need to take into account of the inevitable sensor ageing. For this reason, we performed fatigue testing on FABACS machines that simulated the passage of three hundred thousand wheels on our sensor solution in one week. This is equivalent to more than one year’s traffic on a construction field in real life condition.

In conclusion, the Big Data Paris convention made us realize that small as we are, we have already cleared some of the biggest challenges faced by most machine learning projects, and that the challenges that we still face are the biggest ones in the industry, faced by the majority of enterprises represented in the convention… big companies or start-up alike. When I was walking between the stands, I also realized that Altaroad has already deployed the latest available technologies in terms of architecture and integration: cloud and containers – to make a very simplistic summary. Finally, BCG presented a study during the conference showing that the more companies have expertise in the Big Data and machine learning field the easier it is for them to use it. So the gap between companies able to use machine learning and the other is constantly growing. It is good news for Altaroad that started using machine learning since its creation!

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Some words of advice from your Sisters in Tech Fri, 29 Mar 2019 16:34:40 +0000 Event: Tech Playmakers Awards

Place: London 

Article by the amazingly talented Liz Ifauroti

March is synonymous with the end of winter, the beginning of the spring bloom but also with womanhood, especially this year!  What a celebration of female achievement in every sphere!

There was the Forbes Leading Women Summit, the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards, the Catalyst Awards, and countless others. If only we can be in multiple places at a time…sigh. So, until a woman cracks the omnipresence formula , I celebrated March by savouring this inspiring article on ‘Female Pioneers in Science and Tech’ and attending the Tech playmaker awards.

It was a beautiful evening filled with women (and men) from different walks of life. A heartwarming oration of remarkable stories of women from across the globe who, despite a myriad of obstacles, succeeded in harnessing technology to solve a problem, overcome a challenge, create beauty and help others.

Unfortunately irrespective of these events and achievements, the World Economic Forum predicts that it will take another 100 years to achieve gender parity.

A rather gloomy prediction but we shall take it in stride. As every little helps, here are tidbits from great Tech playmakers that could help you and the women you share this article with, have an outstanding career.

Hadeel is the founder of BrightSign, a company whose goal is ‘to develop multiple wearable technology solutions for the sole purpose of liberating millions of signers from the accompanying interpreter, enabling them to have two-way conversations and interact directly with the public’

Hadeel says, “Encourage and motivate women around you, don’t be a part of the problem.”

Keisha  uses A.I to provide real-time data access to restaurant operators and also teaches machine learning to University students.

Kesha says, “Believe you can do it even where there are no role models.”

Jeannette noticed the tech field was male-dominated in South Africa and decided to do something to level the gender gap.  She co-founded an NGO focused on female only hackathons and workshops.  The NGO will extend its reach to younger girls this year.

Jeanette says, “Don’t let your circumstances decide for you.”

Sophie studied design and is passionate about Ecology.  Alglae is her brainchild; an innovative aesthetic solution that makes plants glow

Sophie says, “N’aie pas peur allez-y !!!   ”

Martha while studying computer engineering and was dismayed at the low numbers of women in her class. She created Women in Tech to help tilt the balance in favour of women in the technology workforce in Nigeria.

Martha says, “Choose a partner that understands, motivates and supports you.”

Jill Rodriguez, saddened by the death of a young child in an Earthquake that destroyed a school in Mexico, was spurred into going back to school and learning to code at 30.

Jill says, “Be honest, never give up and stay strong. Don’t believe people who say you can’t do it.

Ilona wants to improve your technical skills. She has created a free MOOC targeted at women. Join both the ‘Summer of code and Winter of data’ workouts to keep your tech skills updated throughout the year.

Avey is 11.  She started coding at the age of 7.  She organises workshops to get more girls into coding. (Check her out here

Now, I have saved the best for last ☺

These golden nuggets come from Eileen Burbidge. Fintech veteran and self-described ‘Techoholic’

Eileen says:

  • Do not fiddle with your hair or jewellery in meetings.
  • Do not apologize, go straight to the point.
  • Do not put disclaimers or caveat yourself. Be assertive.
  • Do not be afraid to use your elbows, own your ideas and reach out for what is yours (think of summer sales at your favorite store)
  • Do not seek the most comfortable path, always challenge yourself.
  • Do not try to win every battle, the journey is a long one, improve yourself and enjoy it.
  • Do not ignore your conscience.
  • Do not justify your presence; you are where you are because you deserve it.

Special thanks go to Anisha Shah for the warm welcome extended to Girls in Tech Paris.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”

–    Diane Mariechild

Happy Women’s Month !!

Catherine Sarah Audrey

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Happy Women’s Day! Fri, 08 Mar 2019 16:30:15 +0000 Happy International Women’s Day to all Girls in Tech Paris members!

As a female-led non-profit organisation geared towards creating more equality in the tech industry, International Women’s Day is one of Girls in Tech’s favourite days to celebrate female achievement and empowerment.

Not only does today serve as a reminder of how far we’ve come as women, but an indicator of how far we still have to go. That is why we strive to come together today – and every day – to #BalanceForBetter and break down society’s gendered walls.    

Thank you to all of you for motivating the Girls In Tech Paris team and community. We have over the past year achieved many new milestones for Girls in Tech Paris, among them:


First French AMPLIFY event where three female founded start-ups won the first prize of going to Singapore for one week to meet and connect with the start-up scene in Singapore.  We were also the first french non-profit who was awarded the France-Singapore Year of Innovation label, and was acknowledged in the official address of the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore. 


Collaboration with VivaTech where Girls In Tech members got access passes to the Empowerment Talk and to the exhibition area of VivaTech. 


Conference with La Maison du Bitcoin where Girls In Tech Paris members learned about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

In 2019, we’ll be working even harder to bridge this inequality gap by providing more education, netwroking and valorisation opportunities for our members, from our partnership with Big Data Paris conference, to Technology Playmaker Awards, and as seen in the press release yesterday, Vivatechnology. 

This year, we’ll be working hand-in-hand with Vivatechnology to provide high-power seminars and mentoring sessions for our community.  We will also be bring back Amplify with more exciting partners due to the big success from last year.  

Watch this space and join our mailing list for exclusive news!

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MIT Tech Review Innovators Under 35 with James Roberts Mon, 28 Jan 2019 00:47:26 +0000 Special contribution by Girls in Tech Paris member, 
Elizabeth Ifaturoti .

Chat with James Roberts honoured for his incubation solution for preterm babies.

E.I: What served as inspiration and how did you go about research before finally arriving at a solution?

J.R: I was horrified at the staggering rate of neonatal death after watching a Syrian crisis documentary. Initial research involved sifting through existing research on the subject and a subsequent meeting with the documentary producer and visiting hospitals in Uganda. A hospital had 24 incubators of which 23 had malfunctioned. A makeshift incubator that still functioned had been abandoned for the reason that it resembled a coffin; I took this into account during the design of the mom incubator.

E.I: Who has access to a MOM incubator?

J.R: Access is strictly reserved to trained medical staff; professional knowledge is primordial in protecting a preterm baby’s life especially in rural areas. In non-conventional settings such as a home birth, the assisting midwife would be the person in charge of the device.

E.I: What role (if any) did governmental agencies play during the research phase of the project?

J.R: The MOM incubator has received approvals and certifications from top medical boards (FDA and its UK equivalent). The true challenge lies in tackling the regional politics and cultural disparities that are inevitable in diverse cultures such as those in Africa and India.

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MIT Review Innovation Under 35 with Franscesca Santoro Mon, 28 Jan 2019 00:32:03 +0000

Special contribution by Girls in Tech Paris member,
Elizabeth Ifaturoti .

An innovator is someone who sees a problem, commits to solving it and dedicates time and resources to it until he/she arrives at a practical solution. This is basically what each individual at the recently concluded “MIT under 35 innovators awards” has done. Once I heard about the event from the ‘Girls in tech’ grapevine, I started counting down to the day, being offered free tickets was the cherry on the cake. I believe that technological innovation is the future and the seeds of research and discovery being sown today by these young innovators will be tomorrow’s life changing gifts to humanity.

The range of subjects was as varied as it was mind boggling; ranging from breakthroughs in sleep apnea, preterm baby survival, cardiac health, skin healing, antimicrobial products, farming, sustainable transportation and quantum computing to mention but a few. The event itself was tastefully organised with well moderated presentations and tasteful refreshments. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention how helpful Daniella Perdomo Martinez was, a fellow ‘Girls in Tech’ member and part of the events organising team. She went the extra mile to ensure I had all the information I needed and my experience was a smooth one, even though we had never met before! This friendly gesture made me even more proud to be part of such an amazing network.

A word about the venue; Station F is a relatively new technology hub and according to its official website “the biggest start up campus in the world”. It was befitting for the event and the space itself with its avant-garde design was simply breath taking, a must-see if ever you are in the city of Light.

(P.S the food court round the back has desserts that are to die for 🙂 🙂 but I digress as this blog post is not about the place but about the event and more specifically the outstanding individuals I was lucky to meet.

‘You are a big Catastrophe ‘

No worries, dear reader, I don’t mean you, these exact words were constantly directed at Franscesca Santoro while she was studying as an engineer in Germany but here she is today, an award winning researcher.

Beyond her achievements, she believes in paying it forward.

Francesca mentors young females interested in carving out a career in the technology world, helping them overcome doubts and believe more in themselves. ‘ I want to show young women that the face of engineering and technology has shifted, if I could do it then so can you, find a mentor, become interested and part of a grassroots group if you can, if I could do it, being homesick and surrounded by mostly male colleagues, so can you’.

So can you! Dear”Girls in Tech” blog reader. The Girls in Tech movement exists to help girls get more interested in the vast and exciting world of technology. We aim to break silos and reach out to more girls at even younger ages and get them interested in STEM subjects.

So many amazing women I didn’t have the chance to speak to where honoured that day and if I learnt one thing from the event: women are breaking the mold and setting the pace in innovation so go for it girl and if you happen to be at any of these events, charge your phone 🙂

Following are excerpts from the mini interviews conducted. Thanks to Shachi Prasad for being an awesome plus one at the event and taking notes when my phone ran out of steam and to Camilla Della Bono for the warm welcome.

Chat with Francesca Santoro, honoured for her work with Photovoltaic band aids which accelerate the process of wound healing.

E.I: In a nutshell, describe your career trajectory and tell us why you decided to go into this field?

F.S: I have a background in electrical engineering and have always been fascinated in the cyber space. I have soft spot for children and have wanted to make a significant contribution that would assist in improving the quality of their lives.

E.I: Any major naysayers or challenges along the way?

F.S: It was definitely challenging working in a male dominated field especially as I was terribly home sick and had to deal with the initial language barrier while in Germany.

E.I: What would you say to those naysayers?

F.S: Nothing. I have proved them wrong. I happen to mentor a small group of girls interested in technology and I never tire of letting them know that if I could make it, so can they. Unfortunately, some have less self- belief than others but we are working on it.

E.I: A word of advice for up and coming ladies interested in forging a tech related career?

F.S: Seek mentors and established female professionals, it might sound daunting but most would be willing to help and advice. Personally, I believe in a more grassroots approach, I would like to see more career and guidance events aimed at females in high schools.

E.I: Have you thought about research into reducing keloid formations, basically helping the skin reverse the healing process?

F.S: It is a very interesting line of thought which I have pondered often myself. If we go by principle, since there is a pattern of electrical signals that are able to enhance the healing process as seen in the photovoltaic band aids, there must be a pattern of electrical signals that act in the reverse manner.

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MIT Technology Review présente les Innovateurs de moins de 35 ans Européens 2018 Sun, 25 Nov 2018 23:31:04 +0000 Une technologie pour éliminer le gaspillage de nourriture, des bandes solaires pour régénérer plus rapidement la peau brûlée et une intelligence artificielle qui analyse les électrocardiogrammes comme un vrai médecin, parmi les projets gagnants


La communauté européenne se rassemblera le 4 Décembre à Paris lors du Sommet Européen 2018 pour reconnaître et récompenser le travail des 35 gagnants.


Depuis 1999, le MIT Technology Review reconnaît les jeunes innovateurs et les entrepreneurs les plus talentueux de différents pays qui développent de nouvelles technologies pour aider à résoudre les problèmes qui affectent notre société de nos jours. Pour cela, le journal du Massachusetts Institute of Technology organise chaque année des éditions locales d’Innovateurs de moins de 35 ans en Belgique, en Espagne, en France, en Pologne, en Allemagne et en Italie avec un objectif précis: récompenser l’innovation. Depuis l’année dernière, les éditions locales ont été regroupées dans un seul concours régional européen afin d’élargir davantage la recherche de talents. Cette année, l’initiative bénéficie de nouveau du soutien de BNP Paribas. C’est l’occasion idéale pour rencontrer les 35 profils de tous les pays de l’Union Européenne qui transforment nos vies grâce à leurs progrès technologiques.

Ces jeunes qui sont devenus des innovateurs de moins de 35 ans Europe 2018 ont été sélectionnés par le jury parmi plus de 1 000 candidats. Parmi les lauréats, il existe différents profils, allant des chercheurs aux entrepreneurs, et tous développent de nouveaux projets qui vont changer tous les domaines de la société et des entreprises, ainsi que nos méthodes de travail, d’apprentissage, de guérison, de fabrication et de communication. Les 35 innovateurs seront récompensés dans les différentes catégories du concours: entrepreneurs, humanitaires, pionniers, visionnaires et inventeurs.


Ainsi, voici la liste des 35 Innovateurs de moins de 35 ans Européens 2018:


Entrepreneurs: ces innovateurs créent des entreprises qui vont révolutionner les marchés ou en créer des nouveaux.

  1. Tom Carter – Ultrahaptics – Royaume-Uni

Son système à ultrasons recrée des formes et des textures dans l’air avec lesquelles vous pouvez interagir sans utiliser de commandes ni de lunettes.

2.     Mads Tvillinggaard Bonde – Labster – Danemark

Ses laboratoires virtuels interactifs améliorent de 76% l’assimilation des connaissances par les étudiants en sciences.

1.     Abi Ramanan – ImpactVision – Royaume-Uni

Ils veulent mettre fin au gaspillage alimentaire grâce à une technologie qui analyse l’état de conservation des aliments à travers des images.

2.     Andreas Cleve – Corti – Danemark

Son intelligence artificielle permet de diagnostiquer rapidement les personnes qui appellent le téléphone d’urgence en cas de crise cardiaque.


  1. Mate Rimac – Rimac Automobili – Croatie

Après avoir créé deux hypercars électriques et battu plusieurs records, cet innovateur aide le secteur automobile à accélérer sa transition vers la durabilité.

4.     Eline Vrijland-van Beest – NightBalance – Pays-Bas

Son capteur aide les personnes à dormir dans une posture correcte pour éviter les dangereuses apnées obstructives du sommeil.

5.     Josef Průša – Prusa Research – République Tchèque

La simplification de la conception des imprimantes 3D traditionnelles a démocratisé la technologie afin que tout le monde puisse l’utiliser.

6.     Yann Fleureau – Cardiologs – France

Il a développé une intelligence artificielle qui analyse les électrocardiogrammes, comme le fait un médecin, et qui est accessible depuis n’importe quel appareil.


Humanitaires: en essayant de résoudre les problèmes causés par la pauvreté, la guerre ou les inégalités, ces innovateurs améliorent la vie des personnes les plus touchées par ces circonstances.

1.     Samantha Payne – Open Bionics – Royaume-Uni

Cette société a créé Hero Arms, une prothèse de la main bionique économique et personnalisée par l’impression 3D.

2.     Paul Duan – Bayes Impact – France

Son ONG utilise le Big Data et l’intelligence artificielle pour résoudre des problèmes sociaux tels que le chômage et la durabilité du système de santé.


1.     Lindsey Noakes – Gather – Royaume-Uni

Former les jeunes locaux à récupérer des données sur l’accès à l’assainissement dans leur ville et conseiller les entreprises et les fondations sur la manière de résoudre ce problème qui touche 2,3 millions de personnes dans le monde.

2.     James Roberts – mOm Incubators – Royaume-Uni

Il a conçu un incubateur économique, portable et pliable pour sauver la vie de millions de bébés prématurés.

3.     Mursal Hedayat – Chatterbox – Royaume-Uni

Former les réfugiés en tant qu’enseignants de leur langue maternelle et les mettre en contact avec des étudiants potentiels afin de faciliter leur accès au marché du travail et leur intégration sociale.


Pionniers: Ces innovateurs explorent les limites de la science pour créer de nouvelles technologies et élargir nos connaissances.

4.     Dominik Schumacher – Tubulis – Allemagne

Sa colle moléculaire rendra les médicaments anticancéreux plus efficaces et avec moins d’effets secondaires.


  1. Thai Son Le – Nokia Bell Labs – Allemagne

Il a réussi à augmenter de 50% la capacité de transmission de la fibre optique.


6.     Christian Zenger – Ruhr-University Bochum – Allemagne

Un système qui détecte des petits changements dans les signaux émis par les dispositifs de chiffrement et pourrait créer un Internet invulnérable.

7.     Francesco Gatto – Elypta – Suisse

Le nouveau type de biopsie liquide qu’il a développé, basé sur le métabolisme, pourrait aider à prévoir rapidement l’évolution de divers types de cancer et à affiner le traitement.

8.     Carlos Abellán – Quside –  Espagne

Ses puces pourraient garantir la sécurité des communications et la transmission d’informations devant des ordinateurs quantiques.

9.     Francesca Santoro – Italian Institute of Technology – Italie

Ses “bandes solaires” vont régénérer la peau brûlée deux fois plus vite.

10.  Taco Cohen – Scyfer – Pays-Bas

Son réseau de neurones multiplie par 10 l’efficacité des données pour transformer l’apprentissage en profondeur en un expert en images médicales.


Visionnaires: ce groupe comprend des innovateurs qui réinventent la technologie existante ou proposent de nouveaux angles ou approches basés sur la technologie existante pour résoudre des problèmes qui jusqu’à présent étaient insolubles.

1.     Noor Shaker – Generative Tensorial Networks (GTN) – Royaume-Uni

Il combine l’informatique quantique, l’intelligence artificielle et l’apprentissage automatique pour accélérer la conception de nouveaux médicaments.

2.     David Ferrer-Desclaux – Bound4Blue – Espagne

Son système de navigation autonome inspiré des ailes d’avion réduit la pollution et la consommation de carburant des navires.

3.     Alexander Sparre-Ulrich – Antag Therapeutics – Danemark

Il a découvert une molécule naturelle qui pourrait devenir un nouveau traitement pour lutter contre l’épidémie d’obésité et atténuer les troubles de l’alimentation.

4.     Felicity de Cogan – NitroPep – Royaume-Uni

Son système permet de faire adhérer de manière très durable des produits antibactériens aux surfaces hospitalières, telles que les tables ou les toilettes, afin de protéger les patients contre les infections mortelles.

5.     Maayke Aimée Damen – Excess Materials Exchange (EME) – Pays-Bas

Il a créé un marché qui utilise l’intelligence artificielle et la blockchain pour faciliter l’idée qu’une deuxième vie utile puisse être donnée aux déchets des entreprises et favoriser l’économie circulaire.

6.     Kristof Szalay – Turbine.AI – Hongrie

Son intelligence artificielle simule la réaction de millions de cellules humaines virtuelles contre de nouveaux traitements contre le cancer afin de prédire son efficacité.

7.     Annu Nieminen – The Upright Project – Finlande

Il a développé un modèle de quantification assisté par une intelligence artificielle qui donne aux consommateurs des informations précises sur les différents impacts des biens et des services.


Inventeurs: Ces innovateurs créent les dispositifs et les technologies que les particuliers et les entreprises utiliseront à l’avenir.

1.     Henrik Hagemann – CustoMem – Danemark

Pour purifier les eaux industrielles de manière plus efficace et durable, la société a développé un procédé chimique unique optimisant la capture des micropolluants.


1.     Christina Petersen –  LYS Technologies Ltd – Danemark

Son petit wearable, qui mesure l’exposition à la lumière dans les espaces intérieurs, aide à sensibiliser les utilisateurs à l’importance d’un bon “régime léger” pour la santé.

2.     Witold Kopytynski – Arculus – Pologne

Son logiciel est capable de convertir la production industrielle en un processus modulaire qui pourrait révolutionner le secteur de la fabrication.

3.     Pieter Fabry – Observe Technologies – Belgique

Ses algorithmes d’intelligence artificielle permettent aux piscicultures d’optimiser leur processus d’alimentation, faisant de l’aquaculture une technique plus durable.

4.     Xavier Lagorce – Prophesee – France

Il a inventé un système de vision artificielle inspiré par la biologie de l’œil humain, qui imite le comportement des neurones et pourrait révolutionner des secteurs tels que l’industrie automobile et la médecine.

5.     María García-Puyol – ELS – Espagne

Ses algorithmes de localisation offrent aux services d’urgence la localisation exacte d’un appel depuis un appareil Android, immédiatement et en toute confidentialité.

6.     Perttu Pölönen – MusiClock – Finlande

Il a réinventé les portées pour faciliter l’enseignement de la théorie de la musique aux enfants grâce à un bloc-notes combiné à des outils numériques.

7.     Sébastien Boyer – FarmWise – France

Ses robots autonomes augmentent la productivité agricole et la rendent plus durable en interdisant l’utilisation d’herbicides.



Ces jeunes seront récompensés lors du Sommet Innovators Under 35 Summit Europe 2018, le 4 décembre, à la Station F, le plus grand campus de startups au monde situé à Paris. Les innovateurs présenteront leurs projets dans 9 panels et 3 discussions animées par les anciens lauréats du concours. Pour chaque catégorie, le MIT Technology Review attribuera une mention spéciale à l’inventeur, entrepreneur, visionnaire, pionnier et humanitaire de l’année. Toutes les personnes intéressées d’assister à cet événement peuvent désormais obtenir leurs billets via ce lien.


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They’re talking about us! Sun, 28 Oct 2018 23:12:37 +0000 Girls in Tech Paris’s partnership with Kaspersky Labs for the #AMPLIFY event got featured this week in and

“Kaspersky Lab is formally committing to supporting women into technology careers with its CyberStarts initiative, and being able to forge an ongoing relationship with such a dynamic organisation as Girls in Tech will help us come closer to our goal.”

The winner of this competition receives a prize, as well as access to mentoring and coaching to further develop their startup. This year’s winner was a French team called Altaroad, a road infrastructure platform which specialises in developing a platform that could be used for road operators or city traffic managers to manage autonomous and connected cars.

Dr Jamie Soon, managing director of Girls in Tech in Paris said: “Thanks to the generous support from Kaspersky Lab, we are able to send the winning entrepreneurial women from Amplify on an all-expenses-paid residency week, focused on entrepreneurship, in Singapore, in honour of the France-Singapore Year of Innovation.

“This will allow them to gain experience in the local ecosystem and learn and receive support from our local partners on how to build relevance for the Asian market. Girls in Tech is dedicated to promoting careers in technology to young women and committed to developing initiatives that support this goal.”

Check out the full articles here:



Kaspersky Lab commits to tackling gender imbalance in the technology industry

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Save the date: 4th Dec/ Innovators Under 35 Summit EU Sun, 28 Oct 2018 21:32:06 +0000


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Innovators Under 35 Summit Europe rassemble la plus importante communauté mondiale
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