One-on-One Coaching Sessions from 14h-18h @ Talent Center (Hall 2)

(AM) Career Development Bootcamp @ Saleforce Equality Theater (Hall 1)

(PM) One-on-one coaching sessions @ Talent Center (Hall 2)

Free entry passes for all members!  

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Girls in Tech Paris will be running a Career Development Bootcamp at the Salesforce Equality Theater at the Vivatechnology conference from 17th- 19th May 2019.  Consult the day-by-day program breakdown below and join us if you’ll be visiting Vivatech*! 

*a valid pass is needed to attend, which can be purchased at the Vivatech website.


16th May 2019

14h-18h: One-on-One coaching @Talent Center (Hall 2) 

14h-16h: Nadira Artyk, Founder, Visionary Voices . 16h-18h Seow Hui Lim, Director of Startup Development Division at Enterprise Singapore (first come first serve)


17th May 2019

9h30 -10h30 @Salesforce Equality Theater

Panel 1 : Fostering women leaders in tech: Breaking the glass ceiling

We will touch on key career development topics such as leadership, networking, negotiation, self-confidence, when to change career, etc.

Moderator:  Dr Jamie Soon-Kesteloot, MD for Girls in Tech Paris

Panelists:  Elisabeth Perrier, Corporate Training Director, Essilor International . Catherine Ladousse, Executive Director of Communications and Engagement EMEA at Lenovo, co-founder and president of Cercle InterElles . Kimiya Shams, Legal counsel at Devialet and Girls in Tech Board member . Agnes Kwek, Design Ambassador, Design Council Singapore . Juliette Favre, Global Strategic Projects and Member of Board of Directors, Essilor International



17th May 2019 


10h30-11h45  @Salesforce Equality Theater


Group Coaching: The art of the Pitch

Speaker: Héloïse Lauret, Partner, Spring Lab & Emcee: Claire Behar, Managing Director of Girls in Tech Paris


17th May 2019

11h45-12h45 Panel 2 @Salesforce Equality Theater

How to build an inclusive ecosystem for women entrepreneurs to thrive?

Being a female startupper comes with its own unique set of challanges.  Learn from others’ experiences on gender lens investing, unconscious bias in funding, work-life balance, networking and leadership  and in this panel

Moderator: Gwendolyn Regina, Entrepreneur in Residence, Entrepreneur First

Panelists: Cécile Villette, CEO and co-founder, Altaroad . Catherine de Vulpillieres, GM and co-founder, EvidenceB . Dr. Juan Carlos Ondategui Parra, PhD. WIVI Vision Co-founder. Optometrist MSc, MPH. . Seow Hui Lim, Director of Startup Development Division at Enterprise Singapore . Zhilin Sim, Regional Director (Europe), Singapore Economic Development Board

17th May 2019

14h-18h: One-on-One coaching @Talent Center (Hall 2) 

14h-15h: Elisabeth Perrier, Head of Training, Essilor International . 15h-16h: Catherine Ladousse, Executive Director of Communication EMEA at Lenovo . 16h-17h  Cécile Villette, CEO and co-founder, Altaroad . 17h-18h  Gwendolyn Regina, Entrepreneur in Residence, Entrepreneur First (first come first serve)

How to request your free pass for Vivatech (18th May 2019 only)?

Simply send an email to Kimiya( to request it with name and email address.   
You can also request passes for anyone you’ll like to attend Vivatech with.  All we ask is for them to sign up to our newsletters here.

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