I was delighted to represent Girls in Tech Paris at the AI for Health conference and I would like to thank the Startup Inside team for the opportunity.

In my view, AI for Health is a must-see event for professionals working in the health sector. For the 2019 edition, there were more than 1000 attendees representing the diversity of the healthcare ecosystem: startups, research labs, tech leaders, hospitals and patient associations. The first edition of AI for Health was in 2018 and I was surprised to learn that the conference was set up in only 8 weeks.

Within the panel « Innovating in French medical care and the adoption of AI

technologies », Luc Soler Founder & CEO of Visible Patient spoke about the concept of augmented intelligence. His idea was to use technology to optimize all the processes and to add the human touch for verification purposes of the tasks performed by the machine.

I liked the vision of Jérôme Bourreau , Co-Founder & CEO of Anamnese which was the following :Nowadays, we are able to book a train, buy food and see the weather forecast at anytime of the day. However, if your baby is sick at 11 pm you could not do much at your home. In that context, his focus is to build an Artificial intelligence that question the patient the same that the doctor would do. That will then help the doctor to have in a glance what the patient may have.

During the master class stage “AI: New tool for inclusion?” with Charles Lenay, Professor at the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC), and Corentin Voiseux , CEO at Hypra, I learned that two million people in France live with a visual impairment and most of those diseases are degenerative. After the announcement of their disease the patients are not reintegrated within the society. The Tactos system was presented. It is using tactile feedback via the exploration of a screen and must be seen not a substitution for the vision but as a supplement. The video below shows this device:


With it, patients are able to read bus lines for instance or a map. I was lucky to be able to try the Tactos system during a live demo.

In a nutshell, the AI for Health conference gives an exhaustive view of the latest available technological advances and is a great occasion to meet the experts from the health industry.

By Claire Behar