Girls in Tech Paris is driven by an amazing team of rock star volunteers. It’s guided at the helm by the Managing Directors,Jamie Soon & Claire Behar who work with the Founder & CEO of Girls in Tech in San Francisco, Adriana Gascoigne.

Girls in Tech is a global women-in-tech not-for-profit that develops a range of proprietary, startup-focused initiatives for women in tech and entrepreneurship. We also partner with some incredible organizations to drive the content, too.

We’re looking for an awesome Treasurer (female/male) for our leadership team who is smart, resourceful, reliable, nice & has lots of grit !

Previous position as a Treasurer or an accountant is required.


  • General financial oversight
  • Funding & fundraising
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Financial reporting
  • Organization of at least two events per year

What will you get in return?

  •      Gain the experience of how a business is essentially run and grown;
  •      Welcomed into a global network of Girls in Tech (with 60+ chapters worldwide); and
  •      Become deeply connected with the Paris entrepreneurship/startup scene.

But the biggest win of all? Helping to continue the Girls in Tech movement in Paris. This is something that all women-in-tech can thank you for.

To apply email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Treasurer Application’.

Tell her briefly in your own words:

  1.     Why you’re interested? What drives you? What’s your passion?
  2.     What can you offer? (i.e. skills, knowledge, experience in non-profits/charities, availability…)
  3.   What do you hope to gain from this?

Deadline for applications: June, 1st

Successful applicants will be contacted for further evaluation and interviews.

Best of luck,

Girls in Tech Paris