Girls in Tech Paris is pleased  to have Thomas Recouvreux, Co-founder and CEO at Pygmento, name badges for events, as an offline jury member for the AMPLIFY Paris edition 2018 to be held on 10th Oct 2018, in honour of the France-Singapore Year of Innovation.



Thomas is the Co-founder and CEO of Pygmento, name badges for events, a web platform aiming to help event organizers to design and order name badges.

Pygmento, name badges for events, launched less than 1 year ago, and has now delivered badges to many events in Europe : conferences, shows, seminar, meetups, weddings, etc.

Thomas started his career creating a cashless payment company dedicated to the event industry (Nemopay, acquired by Weezevent in 2015). Stayed two years at Weezevent after the takeover, scaling the product for a much wider audience. Then he finally decided it was time to start a new company, yet in the event industry : Pygmento, name badges for events.