We’re excited to announce the 6 finalists for the Girls in Tech Paris #AMPLIFY women pitch night competition, happening on 10th Oct 2018, in honour of the France-Singapore Year of Innovation #FranceinSG.

These 6 finalists will be pitching their brilliant ideas in 7 minutes during the intensive evening to score the top prize – it’s a secret for now, but we promise it’ll be good!


(in alphabetical order)



Finalist: Cécile Villette,CEO and Co founder at Altaroad

Description: Altaroad is a French innovative start-up developing a road infrastructure platform for operators of roads, city traffic managers, logisticians, autonomous and connected cars. The solution generates road data to monitor traffic patterns, track the weight of vehicles, assess their impact on the road and detect dangerous driving behavior.

Website: www.altaroad.com



EDZO (Earlytime)

Finalist: Shirine Maher, Co-Founder at EDZO (Earlytime)

Description: EDZO is a sales enabler for retailers. EDZO, a personal digital coach powered by AI, provides the last mile information delivery solution to point of Sale.

Corporate Expertise is digitalized and made available to all via Virtual Experts. With the help of the virtual coach, EDZO offers a full range of online courses and tools to have better sales, negotiation skills and client satisfaction by offering the right recommendation to the right client at the perfect time.

Website: www.earlytime.io



Finalist: Catherine de Vulpillières General Manager & Co-founder of EvidenceB

Description: EvidenceB develops digital modules that include tests, activities and dashboards (chatbot, serious game…) based on specific topics of school curriculum (math, language, science…). These modules are based on the latest concepts and results of cognitive science (e.g. Core Knowledge approaches) and draw on artificial intelligence techniques which contribute to adaptive learning.,

Website: www.evidenceB.com



Finalist: Annie GUO, CEO at Silkpay

Description: Silkpay connects European retailers with 900 millions Chinese consumers by providing Alipay and Wechat acceptance solutions to their points of sales and their e-commerce websites. Silkpay also helps retailers to increase their visibility by providing digital marketing services on Chinese social media and other platforms.

Website: www.silkpay.eu


Pitch #5 — Solinum

Finalist: Victoria Mandefield, Founder at Solinum

Description:  Solinum aims to use new technologies as a leverage to help homeless people and refugees. Our first project, Soliguide, use digital tools to map all the useful information for them.

Website: https://soliguide.fr/



Finalist: Eva Garcia Ramos, CEO & Co-Founder at WIVI

Description: WIVI, an immersive and interactive 3D technology to assess and improve children’s visual dysfunctions at an affordable price.

Website: https://wivivision.com