Ecstatic to have Maël Maisonneuve, Founder of MM LIFE DESIGN, as part of the online jury for the AMPLIFY Paris edition 2018:

My “multi-caps” profile is the result of a journey in which “the individual and the organization” have always been at the heart of my passion. During the 15 years of my professional career in business, I accompanied for 9 years, more than 400 people of all cultures and trades: from the assistant to the management functions.

I then worked at the Social Work Department of Total: an experience of the care relationship that builds you on the reality of work and its promises. Also, an operational expertise in consulting and mediation with managers and teams, on the issues of “well being” at work and the prevention of psychosocial risks.


This is what motivated me to change my job and raise the bet of my career manager: to become “myself” a manager as Project Manager at the prestigious Total University and then to the Division of International Education. A huge experience of intercultural relationships, management, international partnerships to support young scholars to realize their professional dreams.


My beliefs about diversity and well-being at work have been strengthened, as a cornerstone of performance: leadership, authentic management, cooperation strategies, intercultural stakes, non-violent-communication (NVC), mediation, discipline, benevolence are just as much know-how of the manager that allow a team to fully radiate.


To be a coach is a vocation, with strong professionals skills, held by an ethics. I hold this rigour of my social worker past that my state diploma has validated.

I am also a “trainer” through innovative and Ludo-pedagogical methods .

I could speak more about my artistic trajectory of singer, actress, dancer and painter and also entrust you that I am also a mother of two incredible children of 6 and 11 years.

With all this colors, I have created my own company to coach managers with happiness and creativity, to reveal their incredibles skills.

Speaking about me is not my favorite action, meeting people, as you who is reading this paper now, interest me more.

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