We are very excited to have Delphine Zanelli, as part of the online jury for the AMPLIFY Paris edition 2018:


A champion for companies, the business leaders’ partner, and with a firm belief in the value of the individual, Delphine specialises in developing internal communication strategies. With conviction and passion, she helps define and grow companies’ cultures, focusing on the employee experience.

20 years of working in diverse, multicultural environments, in French as well as in English.

20 years in which, whatever the sector or the size of the team, Delphine has had the pleasure of solving leaders’ problems, unlocking talents, involving teams, and creating fulfilling and enthusiastic work environments. Thus improving performance and productivity.

How? By building on the talents of individuals and organizations. By demonstrating the power of dialogue between the company’s stakeholders as well as its leverage on performance and well-being. Convinced by the power of Social Constructivism, Delphine has proven many times how much our conversations structure our reality.

What drives Delphine? Revealing the power of every person in the company and thus empowering its collective development as well as that of its collaborators.

Delphine is a graduate of CELSA Paris IV Sorbonne in Human Resources Management and Internal Communication, an experienced trainer and certified practitioner in Appreciative Inquiry.