A glimpse into the Elastic data wonderland by Jean-Dominique Boisse

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  • Posted: février 22, 2018

A glimpse into the Elastic data wonderland by Jean-Dominique Boisse

On Tuesday, the 31th of January, the Elastic{ON} 2018 took place in Paris, the perfect place to remain stay up to date on the latest news about the Elastic stack: ELK (Elasticsearch / Logstash and Kibana).

Following a quick historical overview of ElasticSearch, we were presented the latest innovation regarding the Elastic stack as well as the roadmap for the next releases.

The main points presented were that in version 6.1 they have added the ability to double the shards without to have to re-indexing as well through the Shrink API a way to reduce shard on indices. As of version 6.2 Java 9 is supported and there is a plugin implementation with SPI. Next announcement was that for the upcoming version 7 there will be a much appreciated function : rolling restart.

Elastic also acquired SwiftType which provides Search Tools as a service based on Elasticsearch.

A new promising feature announced was Canvas. It adds the possibility to create dynamic and customizable dashboards based on data from Elasticsearch in a new optimize and user friendly way. This solution is available for testing.

ECE (Elastic Cloud Enterprise) also presented as the in-house solution from ElasticSearch for cluster management. Already available, this solution allows to manage regions, add and remove Elasticsearch nodes dynamically, enable rolling restart and auto scaling up and down of any Elasticsearch clusters.

Two presentations were done by Renault and Amadeus about how they use Elastic products with a description of their architecture (eg Data Lake).

We were also presented a demonstration for the Machine Learning in Elasticsearch as a way to monitor anomalies and to generate alerts based on the analysis.


The event was very relevant for all Elastic products users and some interesting subjects to inspire you to further investigate the ELK stack.


Jean-Dominique Boisse for Girls in Tech


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